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to unleash the full potential of humans.

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Interested in working on the latest robotic technology?

Discover how you can contribute and join Roundpeg to set a new standard in the robotics world!


Why working with us makes sense.

Contribute with your personal strengths to the future of our world.

Outstanding development opportunities

We prioritize employee growth and development – offering opportuinites for training, mentorship, and career advancement within the company

Remote work options

In addition to flexible work hours, we allow our team to work remotely, meeting your expectations towards flexibility and work-life-balance.

Company perks

We offer additional pers such as free snacks and beverages (including coffee), company-sponsored events, and many more to foster our great company atmosphere

Equity ownerships

For high responsibility positions, we offer stock options to employees – you will participate in the success of the team!

Our experts are here to provide you a quote or answer any questions.

Find more about the products we create and write us a message, we will be happy to answer you back!

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