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Modular solutions for smart robotics

Explore the modularity of the Roundpeg system. Our plug-and-play sensor modules redefine flexibility. Choose an add-on and swap it anytime – while preserving the core functionality of your robot.

Base system

anti-collision system

With every Roundpeg-powered COBOT, you receive our state-of-the-art anti-collision system, pre-installed and ready to use. Simply place your order through an authorized distributor and enjoy full functionality and benefits right out of the box. The base system includes the anti-collision modules for the robot’s three wrist joints, as well as the installation of the entire system. Extension modules are available to expand the functionality of the Roundpeg system to the remaining joints (e.g., elbow, shoulder, and/or base).

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Base system

System Extention

To prevent collisions also for a wider area, extension modules are additionally available. Those modules are easily installed and automatically recognized. For this purpose, the base, shoulder and elbow modules are available separately.

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Base system

Optional object
recognition module

Robots need to interact with their environment, typically requiring numerous sensors across your setup. Roundpeg simplifies this challenge so your robot works efficiently with less complexity and clutter. To facilitate this, we offer extension modules equipped with recognition sensors. The collision detection function remains unaffected by these add-ons and continues to work effectively.

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How to upgrade your COBOT with Roundpeg

You can order the base system within a new COBOT through an authorized distributor, together with ROUNDPEG extension modules.




  • Order your Roundpeg-powered COBOT from your local authorized distributer
  • Find your closest authorized dealer here
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  • Your COBOT comes with Roundpeg pre-installed and runs out-of-the-box
  • There is no need for additional installations
  • Certify your installation like a usual COBOT workplace



  • Leverage the extensive interaction possibilities in your application
  • Continue to maintain and service your COBOT as usual
  • If our system is no longer needed, simply uninstall the plugin and use your COBOT without any limitations

Discover how Roundpeg’s modular system can simplify your installation even more

Our object recognition modules offer a streamlined approach to integrating robots into your production environment. They not only simplify the initial setup but also adapt effortlessly to meet future needs.

Quick-swap module setup

Roundpeg technologies are modular, allowing you to easily interchange various modules.

Strategic sensor placement

Incorporate a recognition module and position the sensor exactly where it’s needed by moving it with the robot.

Plug-and-play simplicity

You save on cabling efforts and eliminate concerns about the number of digital or analog inputs on the robot controller. There’s no need to worry about electrically matching the output voltage, current, and sensitivity of the sensor.

Directly see the result inside the robot software

Get instant notification on your HMI screen.

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