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Roundpeg transforms your setup with smart on-robot collision detection – effortless installations, every time.

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Unleash efficiency, scale with ease, and revolutionize your workflow

Grow seamlessly and experience effortless worker-robot interaction with Roundpeg’s collision detection technology.


Smart investment,
quick returns

Skip the big upfront costs with Roundpeg enhanced robots, designed for strong performance right from the start. While you’re growing your business, easily scale up your operations with your incoming cash flow.

Lean robotics, flexible operations

Embrace change and continuous improvement in production. Start lean and stay agile. The Roundpeg system guarantees minimal overhead, letting your robot start only with the essentials.

Streamlined workflow, better access

Revolutionize your workflow beyond just robot installations. Ensure seamless worker interaction with robots, minimizing collisions and maintenance hassles. Roundpeg’s collision detection ensures smooth operations and effortless access for everyone.

Lean Robotics

Roundpeg offers plug-and-play solutions, streamlining automation with minimal equipment, reducing initial investment, and optimizing installation, maintenance, and labor costs. It enables customers to create leaner and scalable automation solutions, reducing required space.

Improved workflow

No fence, easy access and no
collisions with Roundpeg’s
add-on solution.

Cut costs

Experience cost-cutting excellence with reduced reliance on additional equipment, eliminate upfront and one-time investment costs while minimizing maintenance expenses.

Reduce footprint

Minimize the required installation space while optimizing workspace utilization, all with minimal disruption to your workflow.

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How does Roundpeg collision detection deliver here?

We are ready to get the most out of your robot applications.


Easy & flexible

Roundpeg narrows down space requirements and places smart sensors directly on your robot. Forget about crowding your space with sensors – our system simplifies complexity through intelligent software, not bulky hardware.


Come closer! The Roundpeg collision detection system allows highly accessible robot installations. Operators can easily approach the machine and work side by side like old buddies.

Simple & affordable installations

A production line must often deliver high volumes, but mostly not from the beginning. With a Roundpeg enhanced COBOT system, lower initial investments are possible with very robust installations. Furthermore, the base is set for future improvement and higher outcome and our customers invest when orders already increase.

Our partners

We partner with outstanding robot manufacturers to bring the latest robotics technology to the production floor of our customers.

Universal Robots is the No. 1 manufacturer of COBOTs and major driver of collaborative robotics. With their great support for a strong ecosystem around the robot, the partnership worked great since the beginning.

More to come

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