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Roundpeg has developed a unique technology of detecting obstacles and prevent potential collisions. The highly integrative system is very intuitive to use. Dive into the details of cutting-edge robotics.

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Anti Collision

Our real-time obstacle detection system prevents accidental collisions and also allows operators to intentionally stop the robot.

Robot integrated sensor modules

Universal Robots is the No. 1 manufacturer of COBOTs and major driver of collaborative robotics. With their great support for a strong ecosystem around the robot, the partnership worked great since the beginning.

robot system

No additional sensors and no camera necessary. A complete system out-of-the-box. This provides a huge flexibility since the sensors are always where you need them.

Long distance
detection range

With a detection range over 700 mm, it stops promptly even at high speeds. Customize the range for tight spaces or narrow setups. And when detection isn’t needed, simply turn it off.


Roundpeg enhances your robot software experience with an easy-to-use interface and effortless plugins for robots.

Easy integration

Keep your programs, stay with the familiar robot software. Roundpeg software comes as a pure add-on and feeds in naturally into the existing robot software environment.

Add-on plugins

For all Universal Robots COBOTs, Roundpeg software are implemented as caps and toolbar plugins. This way, you have all functions selected quickly and gain a fast overview of the current system status.

Frequently asked questions about Collision Detection

Explore our FAQ section for swift answers to your questions.

  • Collisions reduce the durability of the robot, disrupt the production
    process and also the employees. With Roundpeg you can use your robot
    as usual, just without collisions. This makes installation easier, employees
    can be in the direct working environment of the robot (e.g. when changing
    pallets) and overall costs are reduced.

  • Whenever an employee comes close to the robot, it is a benefit if the
    robot stops and responds to people in the area. The employee does not
    have to constantly work next to the robot. Regularly entering the robot’s
    working environment can quickly lead to one collision per day – and that
    lasts over the life of the robot.

  • Using the Roundpeg system can also make sense here. When installing,
    commissioning or converting/reprogramming a system, employees are in
    the immediate vicinity of the robot, with collisions being a major problem.
    Roundpeg helps you avoid this, even if the system is not in productive

  • In addition to the fact that floor scanners are very complex to install and
    yet can easily be bypassed by employees in production, floor scanners
    react very sensitively to external influences in the environment (AGVs,
    employees, cable laying, parked production objects, etc.). The
    combination of Roundpeg and floor scanners can generate an extremely
    efficient workflow. As soon as an employee enters the area monitored by
    the floor scanner, the robot can, for example, continue to carry out its
    work at a collaborative working speed in accordance with ISO/TS 15066.

  • The robot has a safety rating according to PLd Cat.3. The Roundpeg
    system does not interfere with the security functions and therefore does
    not change the rating. If acceptance is carried out with collision force
    measurement according to TS15066, the system is simply switched off.

  • The ROUNDPEG system is designed as an addon. This means it can be
    switched off easily and at any time via the software. The lids can also be
    quickly dismantled if desired. But please let us know why you are deciding
    against the system.

  • You can get an offer and order from your distributor or directly from us.
    The robot is delivered to you “ready-to-use” with a fully functional
    Roundpeg system.

  • Yes, retrofitting is of course possible. Your robot will be converted in the
    same way as a new robot. Order a conversion from your distributor or
    directly from us.

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